Bold Winners!

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SCHOOL: Probably, the first thing that comes to each and every one of our minds when we think of the word “Education”.

School is the first place where we learnt to actually be an individual, learn new things, make friends – basically the stepping stone for all our future endeavors. What better way other than this, to start my first blog : A tribute to my Alma-mater!

The place where I laughed my heart out, cried till I got puffy red eyes, fought with friends like my life depended on it, colorful sports days were we screamed till we got a  sore throat ,those house rivalries, campaigning for school elections, begging teachers for a “free” class where we did nothing but ran around the classroom playing “Luna-Lazy-Daisy” !  From Christmas parties, Bulletin Board Competitions to Mr.Mitchel’s sing-along’s, From Open-House Exhibitions to Panoramas, From sharing even the smallest of the jokes to getting kicked out of the class for giggling, And eventually being proud of the fact that we were in fact the “cool kids” who were chucked out! :-D. Finally we ended up making life time friends who know you inside out. Wow! The memories just keeps flooding!

I would probably go on and on about my school as it was a journey which was the most beautiful in my life!12 years!! Phew! Probably the longest you can ever stay in one institution! Some say, Its very hard to express the way you feel about something which you care and love in life and I would have to second that cause i face the same when it comes to my school. To sum it up in a short and sweet way, i have penned down a poem which i think is probably the best way to express how much i adore “BALDWINS”! A tribute to my school, and all my school buddies! 😉

I remember the day when i first entered my school…

The day when fear gripped my mind and body…

The day when everything went wrong…

The day when I grew up physically and mentally…

The day when free periods were such fun…

Blissful occasions of loud he-haw’s , were all part of the fun.

The horrible cat-fights and the secrets we shared

And the “informal” jokes, dramas and incidents

are now, all part of our memory grave!

Finally the time came when each moment was precious

For now we entered our final year of togetherness.

Away and away would we go to a land of vex and vent,

Where there are no joyful occasions of carelessness

Instead we would be greeted with a world full of vigilance.

Ever are we going to find such carefree days? or days of passions and myth?!

Of the legendary fun back here in our bosoms safely guarded by our pericardium.

As we part our ways, and enter into a whole new world of struggle and LIFE…!

Hoping we taste the joy of success and keeping The Flame of Hope always ignited,

Never Despairing and always Persevering to Step up to Greater Heights,

Bending to Nothing for we shall always stay Forward Ever Backward Never ,

Finally always treading on the path of


Cause who are we?


Thanks for everything Baldwins…i am proud to say, Heck Yeah! I am a Baldwinian! ❤